? Puppy Mini/Medium Chicken Pomegranate 7kg Farmina ND Prime

Grain-free dry food for large breed puppies, protein & vital ingredient rich recipe based on nature, promotes healthy growth, with 70% animal ingredients and 30% fruits & vegetables. The recipe of Natural & Delicious Grain Free Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Maxi is developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples. It is based on the example of nature and is tailored to the special nutritional needs of growing puppies of large and XL breeds. The premium food contains 70% animal ingredients of the highest quality and 30% vitamin-rich fruits, vegetables, plant extracts and valuable minerals. It is completely grain- and gluten-free and contains no artificial preservatives. So it is also well tolerated by sensitive puppies with allergies or intolerances. Equipped with a high energy content as well as a variety of vital substances, the premium food ideally supports your puppy in its development and promotes healthy growth. Over 55% chicken meat makes it a tasty and protein-rich meal. Glucosamine and chondroitin promote the development of strong, supple joints. In addition, gut-regulating prebiotics help keep digestion in balance, optimizing nutrient absorption. Added to this is a colorful blend of beneficial vegetable, fruit and plant extracts such as pomegranate (0.5%), spinach, sweet orange, blueberries, turmeric root and aloe vera. Together with supplementary vitamins and minerals, they help your protégé develop magnificently and build a strong immune system. Farmina N&D Grain Free Canine Chicken & Pomegranate Puppy Maxi at a glance: Premium complete food for growing puppies of large & XL breeds or for pregnant & nursing bitches. Grain- and gluten-free formula: also suitable for sensitive puppies with allergies or intolerances Promotes healthy growth: nutrient content tailored to the needs of growing puppies, for optimal development of muscles, bones, joints, organs & vital functions Scientifically developed following nature's example: formula developed in cooperation with the Faculty of Animal Nutrition of the University of Naples 70% animal ingredients, 0% cereals: high protein content, according to the natural nutritional needs of your puppy 30% fruits, vegetables, plant extracts & minerals: vital combination of valuable ingredients from nature Over 55% chicken: with 28% fresh, boneless meat, valuable source of animal proteins with high biological value Fresh ingredients: exclusively processed fresh, natural ingredients, no frozen products Contains chondroitin & glucosamine: support the development of strong & supple joints With MOS, FOS, Inulin & Psyllium: prebiotics and dietary fibers regulate gastrointestinal flora, support digestion and optimal absorption of the contained nutrients Long-life vitamins: important vitamins are added "cold" and thus have a longer life span Plant & vitamin variety: colorful mixture of fruits, vegetables & plant extracts from pomegranate (0.5%), spinach, sweet orange, black currant, turmeric, aloe vera, rosemary, and many more. With lutein: can promote vision Low glycemic index: no fast-available sugars, distributed throughout the day, modular release of energy Healthy skin & shiny coat: thanks to high levels of unsaturated fatty acids from fish oil Natural antioxidants: with tocopherol-rich extracts that allow for natural preservation Without: animal testing, GMOs and artificial preservatives Packaged in modified atmosphere: natural preservation with the help of nitrogen Safe origin: premium Italian producer with over 50 years of experience in the field of animal nutrition

Can Puppy Mini/Medium Huhn Granatapfel 7kg Farmina ND Prime

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