Nuova Fattoria

Nuova Fattoria means quality

Nuova Fattoria offers a very high quality product, with attention to every detail. At the center of the croquette we find a ball of extrudedcorn wrapped in lard, pork flour and a mineral and vitamin compound. Selective extrusion is a unique technology in the production of pet food. It is carried out entirely in our factory, starting with the grinding of the corn kernels. The corn processing is carried out with the same equipment that can be used in the production of breakfast cereals for human use. The result is a versatile ball of extruded corn. Lard is applied to the surface of the extruded corn. It works as a binding substance for pork meal. Their presence on the surface makes the product palatable and tasty. The mineral and vitamin complex is added cold, to avoid its dispersion. These substances are essential to provide the animal with a complete and balanced diet.

Reduction for STONE CRICK 19 kg up to 5 bags 69 CHF

up to 20 bags 62 CHF

Sayumi is the official and exclusive importer of Nuova Fattoria products for Switzerland.

Contact Wholesale: Mathias Joris T +41 79 562 89 77


Sayumi ist offizieller und exklusiver Importeur von Nuova Fattoria Produkten für die Schweiz.

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