Anima Strath liquid 100ml

Anima Strath is a restorative and tonic made from herbal yeast that supports convalescence and gives a shiny coat. The natural raw materials provide 61 vital substances, which are present in a biological balance. Fields of application of Anima Strath: Shortens the recovery period after illness or athletic exertion Strengthens the organism Increases resistance Improves vitality Supports the entire metabolism Helps to a healthy and shiny coat Helps in stress situations Maintains health and well-being Feeding instructions Anima-Strath can be administered directly or mixed with the feed. The following dosages are intended as a base for healthy animals. The amount can be doubled in case of increased stress such as breeding, sports, illness, etc. Small animals up to 15 kg: 1/2 coffee spoon per day (1g) Medium animals from 15-35 kg: 1 coffee spoon per day (2g) Large animals from 35-50 kg: 2 coffee spoons per day (4g) Large animals from 50 kg: 1 tablespoon per day
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