Freezack R-GO Pluck Brush Soft Combo Set for Dogs and Cats

Freezack also supports you in hairy matters, in the truest sense of the word! Because you have these very often, if you have a dear four-legged friend at home. With our R-GO line you are perfectly equipped. Our Freezack R-GO Pluck Brush Soft Combo is the ideal set for thorough and gentle care of the coat. The set includes a plucking brush and two detangling combs with different teeth. Plucking brush It is ideal for thorough and gentle thinning of the coat. Thanks to the fine, rounded bristles, you can gently brush your four-legged friend without scratching his skin. At the same time, loose hair, tangles and dirt in the coat are removed efficiently and thoroughly. Especially rough-haired and wool-haired breeds usually have a stronger undercoat, which must be brushed out thoroughly. Too many dead hairs in the fur can lead to itching, then brushing is a boon and your four-legged friend will be very happy about the care from you. This R-GO plucking brush is suitable for dogs and cats. In addition, the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable use and the brush is particularly easy to clean thanks to the brush cleaner. Disentangling combs The fine detangling comb is ideal for short straight, fine and silky hair. It is best to use this comb after brushing. The extremely fine teeth make this comb ideal for removing dust, flakes and parasites. The second detangling comb with somewhat coarser teeth is especially suitable for grooming animals with undercoat and top coat. The long teeth reach without problems even deeper lying hair coat. With daily use, combing becomes easier and faster. In addition, many animals also feel it as a soothing massage and will be happy about the care from you. Now you are well equipped with Freezack.
  • incl. brush cleaner
  • ergonomic handle
  • rounded bristles
  • gentle and efficient brushing
  • removes loose hair, tangles and dirt
  • for rough-haired and wool-haired breeds
  • plucking brush and two detangling combs
  • fine and coarse comb
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