Freezack R-GO Shedding Comb ERGO rotating for dogs and cats

Our R-GO Freezack Shedding Comb ERGO with 36 pins is ideal for short straight, fine and silky hair. It is best to use this comb only after brushing. Due to the fine teeth, the comb is also ideal for removing dust and flakes. Especially during the change of coat, it is recommended to comb your four-legged friend more often to make it easier for him to groom and thus also minimize the swallowing of many hairs. Since the teeth of the comb rotate, they roll gently through the hair without putting it under extreme strain. So you don't have to comb for a long time and already your darling looks super groomed and the adventure can begin. With daily use, combing becomes easier and faster. In addition, many animals also feel it as a soothing massage and will be happy about the care from you.
  • rotating teeth
  • easy combing
  • for daily care
  • also removes dust and flakes
  • soothing massage
  • for short straight, fine and silky hair
  • 36 pins
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