Freezack Grooming Brush Combi for Dogs and Cats L

Our Freezack dual function brush with steel pins and attached protective caps gently brushes up the coat while massaging the skin to promote circulation. Subsequent brushing with the nylon side ensures a shiny, well-groomed coat. For long-haired cats and during the coat change, it is recommended to comb them more often to facilitate their coat care and thus also minimize the ingestion of many cat hairs. With daily use, brushing becomes easier and faster. In addition, many animals also find it a soothing massage and will enjoy the grooming. All in all, our Freezack Double Brush offers the necessary basic fur care conveniently in one product.
  • for dogs and cats
  • ideal massage
  • massages gently
  • promotes blood circulation
  • supports the coat metabolism
  • 2 brushes in 1
  • steel pins and nylon pins
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