IN-FLUENCE Dental Care Set for dogs (1pc., 100 ml)

Dental plaque is a biofilm consisting of food residues, saliva, bacteria and their metabolic products. It is the precursor of tartar and develops within a few hours, clustered in the area of the canine and molar teeth. If it is not regularly removed by daily tooth cleaning, hard tartar forms. This can permanently damage the gums and the periodontium. To prevent dental diseases, plaque should therefore be removed regularly and thoroughly, for example with the help of our IN-FLUENCE Easy Brush and our Dental Cream Sensitive toothpaste.
  • brush heads of different sizes
  • for small and large dogs
  • specially developed for dogs
  • forms a protective film on the tooth surface
  • reduces the formation of plaque and tartar
  • soothes sensitive gums
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