Freezack R-GO Grooming Brush Soft for Dogs and Cats SM

After brushing is before brushing. After you have roughly brushed the coat of your four-legged friend, our Freezack R-GO grooming brush Soft comes into play and gives the coat its final touch. Dirt, dust and dead hairs are now completely removed from the animal fur and it gets a silky, healthy shine. The natural bristles offer the advantage that the coat does not become statically charged. Thanks to the soft bristles, the brush is also ideal for getting young animals used to regular coat care. In addition, many animals feel it anyway as a soothing massage and will be happy about the care from you. Afterwards, the brush can be easily cleaned thanks to brush cleaner. The brush is available in two sizes, so you are sure to find the right product for your four-legged friend.
  • removes dirt, dust and dead hair
  • final touch for the coat
  • does not charge the coat statically
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