ARDAP Vermin spray 400 ml

Universal preparation for pest control with immediate and long-term effect up to 6 weeks. Frassing and contact insecticide for use against all types of flies, bipeds and other pests or nuisances, such as beetles, mites, ticks, fleas, cockroaches, moths, mosquitoes, silverfish, spiders, isopods, ants, wasps, etc. in domestic and commercial areas and in animal husbandry (pigeon lofts, bird cages, animal housing, etc.). With ARDAP Universal Vermin Spray, veterinarians and consumers have a product at hand that can be used immediately and is effective in any situation. For larger areas and stables, the use of ARDAP concentrate in recommended dilution is ideal.
  • Acts immediately and permanently for up to 6 weeks
  • For acute vermin infestation
  • For household, garden, animal husbandry, trade and agriculture
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