Freezack Dog Training Toy for dogs in white

With our Freezack Dog Training Toy, daily mental exercise just got easier! The toy is the perfect way to train and develop your dog's sense of smell and concentration. After you have filled the five separate compartments, the big sniffing can start. By moving the slider, different compartments are pushed outwards and your dog can grab his reward. To increase motivation, it is advisable to help your dog a little at the beginning. Thanks to the suction cups on the bottom, the toy has a stable stand and allows your dog to occupy himself independently after a little practice. Mental occupation keeps not only you, but also your dog young and also makes a lot of fun. Size of compartments: 1.5 x 4 x 3.5 cm
  • mental workout
  • independent occupation
  • five separately fillable compartments
  • with suction cups for stable stand
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