Healing Balm Heal

For superficial wounds and skin irritations Accelerates the formation of new skin cells Anti-inflammatory, nourishing Antifungal, antibacterial, antioxidant Breathable and non-greasy Free from dyes and fragrances True to the motto "let the dog be the dog", small wounds and injuries are part of everyday animal life. For all the four-legged troublemakers, there is now immediate help for all complaints around the dog's skin. William Walker offers wound care that can be felt and seen: With the wound balm Heal. It combines proven multi-talents of skin care, such as organic aloe vera, organic shea butter, panthenol and vitamin E with medicinal herb extracts, such as chamomile, horsetail, arnica, sage, birch and burdock root. This allows wounds and skin irritations to be treated immediately and effectively. Heal stimulates the formation of new skin cells and thus heals the damaged skin barrier. Heal visibly unfolds its effectiveness as soon as it is applied to the wound area. The non-greasy wound healing balm is quickly absorbed, is breathable and leaves a deeply cared for dog skin. Heal is also ideally suited for the wound care of human skin due to tested and partly even certified organic premium ingredients. Content: 100 ml - 3.38 fl. oz Panthenol, vitamin E, organic aloe vera, chamomile, sage, arnica, burdock root, birch, horsetail, organic olive oil, organic shea butter.

Healing Balm William Walker

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