PULLOVER ROSA Ferribiella is the result of the foresight and love of animals of Alberto and Carmen Avonto, who in 1980 transformed their family-run hardware store into a reality and an international reference point in the Pet Comfort market; 30 years of continuous research and development of new products that mark a constant evolution of the company, also thanks to the fresh contribution of his sons Alessandro and Genny. For the coolest Fido, but who does not want to give up style even on the coldest winter days, protection is essential by choosing the most fashionable dog coats, sweaters, down jackets and raincoats! The Ferribiella Grey Batuffolo dog sweater is perfect to protect Fido from the cold without giving up a chic and refined touch. Ferribiella Maglioncino Battufolo Grey has been studied in detail: The plush fabric feels soft and comfortable, the neck and the bottom are knitted for better adhesion to the body and the back ring, also knitted, is useful to pass the queue. Ideal for the winter season and the coldest days, this adorable dog sweater provides adequate protection and is perfect for those who do not want to sacrifice style and dress in line with current trends. 100% nylon. How to choose the coat size for your dog? To choose the right size of fur, it is necessary to measure with a centimeter in hand the distance from the withers to the tail along the back of your dog, that is, the distance in centimeters from the neck to the tail of the dog. The measurement must be made from the base of the neck to the base of the tail. During the measurement phase, make sure that the dog is standing correctly and is upright on its paws. Select the correct coat size based on the measured measurements. Example of choosing the right size: My dog's back measures 35 cm and the coat I want to buy has sizes 34 cm and 38 cm: I need to order size 38 for the coat to fit my dog properly, as size 34 would fit small.

PINK BATUFFOLO SWEATER - The Ferribiella Grey Batuffolo dog sweater is perfect for protecting Fido from the cold without sacrificing a chic and sophisticated touch.

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