Royal Canin Kitten in sauce

The best start in life for kittens begins with the right nutrition. Providing all the necessary nutrients supports a kitten's development and growth during critical life stages and beyond. Weaning kittens from their mother's milk can be especially challenging. Royal Canin Kitten in Sosse at a glance: Complete wet food for neutered kittens from 6-12 months of age. Soft texture for milk teeth: optimal chunk size, texture and taste for growing kittens Supports natural brain development: promotes normal vision in kittens Special combination of nutrients: to support the natural defenses of kittens Ideal digestion: prebiotics and highly digestible proteins to support a normal balance of intestinal flora Practical fresh pouches: optimally portioned for the extra portion of liquid

Special wet food for kittens in the second phase of growth (up to 12 months), specially adapted to small milk teeth, for optimal digestion, to support the immune system.

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