Royal Canin Hairball Care 400g

30% of the day cats spend brushing their fur. In doing so, she brushes out dirt and fallen hairs. These collect in your pet's stomach and are digested or vomited up as hairballs. Vomiting stresses the digestive system and leads to nutrient loss, so natural elimination via feces is a better alternative. Royal Canin Hairball Care can benefit the intestinal tract with an exclusive fiber blend of psyllium, which is rich in mucilage, and dietary fiber, insoluble fiber. When fed exclusively with Hairball Care, twice as much hair is eliminated through the feces after only 14 days. Your cat will feel even more comfortable and will be able to groom more safely than ever before. Royal Canin Hairball Care at a glance: High-quality dry food for adult cats. Fights hairballs: which can lead to vomiting and loss of nutrients Special fiber blend: made from psyllium and dietary fiber can naturally stimulate the intestines High protein content: for a good protein supply Adjusted fat content: can promote a balanced level of nutrients Balanced mineral content: can support the urinary tract Royal Canin Quality Promise All Royal Canin products go through extensive quality control to ensure optimal food quality and meet your cat's individual nutritional needs and lifestyle. This means with Royal Canin Hairball Care you are providing your cat with a high quality, balanced diet.

Balanced dry food for cats, reduces the formation of hair follicles, reduces vomiting, can promote the intestinal tract & the elimination of hair through the feces, high protein content, psyllium.

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