Royal Canin Digestive Care

A sensitive gastrointestinal tract can also lead to increased gas formation in the intestines and a larger stool volume in your house cat. The resulting flatulence is unpleasant for both the cat and cat parents. Royal Canin Digestive Care is formulated with highly digestible L.I.P. proteins, prebiotics and special dietary fibers to promote healthy digestion and balanced intestinal flora. The exclusive feeding has a proven effect: after only 10 days, the stool volume is reduced by a full 49%. The ring-shaped kibble can also contribute to slower food intake and increased chewing. The thorough and slow chewing can also promote healthy digestion and intestinal transit. Royal Canin Digestive Care at a glance: Balanced dry food for cats with sensitive digestion$Proven effect: 49% lower stool volume after 10 days of feeding this food exclusively. Highly digestible: high quality L.I.P. proteins can promote easy digestion and good health Balanced intestinal flora: prebiotics and dietary fiber can support regulation of intestinal flora High protein content: may contribute to muscle maintenance May promote consistent stool quality and reduced stool volume Balanced: essential fatty acids & vitamins Healthy urinary tract function: thanks to balanced mineral content Royal Canin Quality Promise All Royal Canin products go through extensive quality control to ensure optimal food quality and meet your cat's individual nutritional needs and lifestyle. This means that with Royal Canin Digestive Care you offer your cat a high-quality and balanced diet.

Complete food for adult cats, proven efficacy: up to 49% less fecal excretion after 10 days, promotes chewing and slower food intake, easily digestible.

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