Royal Canin Mini Puppy in sauce 85g

Small breed puppies grow very quickly, which is why they need enough calories and the right nutrients to develop ideally. It is also the time of the "immunological gap", which means that he needs the optimal amount of protein to strengthen his body's defenses. Royal Canin Mini Puppy is specially formulated to meet the nutritional needs of small breed puppies. This formula is suitable for 2 to 10 month old puppies that reach an adult weight of 4-10 kg. The formula contains nutrients such as vitamins C and E that support puppies' natural defenses while their immune systems are still developing. It is also enriched with omega-3 fatty acids, which support normal brain development in puppies. Useful prebiotics, such as FOS, MOS and beet pulp, as well as highly digestible proteins contribute to an optimal balance of intestinal flora and thus support a functioning digestive system Royal Canin Mini Puppy in gravy at a glance: Balanced wet food for puppies and young dogs of small breeds (up to 10 kg). Ideal nutrient supply up to 10 months of age Antioxidant complex: with vitamins C & E, can promote the development of a functional immune system Highly digestible: selected prebiotics can promote a balanced gastrointestinal flora Convenient 85 g pouches: easy to portion & serve Delicious pieces in sauce: may increase fluid intake

Wet food for small breed puppies (<10 kg) up to 10 months, soft texture for milk teeth, supports the development of the body's defenses & brain, pieces in sauce.

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