Nuova Fattoria Stone Crick Cold pressed Dog Food 19 kg

Dry food for adult dogs of all breeds. Stone Crick is a fully balanced mono-protein food, suitable for the diet of adult dogs with normal physical activity. The calorie content is 4,650 kilocalories. Discount on STONE CRICK for bulk orders: from 5 bags: CHF 69.00 per bag from 20 bags: CHF 62.00 per bag For bulk orders, tel. 079 562 89 77

Stone Crick is a complete food for adult dogs, prepared with the highest quality ingredients, researched and selected in collaboration with veterinarians and nutritionists.

These kibbles are characterized by their high energy content and excellent palatability.

All the ingredients are processed by "selective extrusion", an innovative raw material processing technique that improves the nutritional content and favors the assimilation of the product.

All the ingredients used for the recipes of our dry dog ​​food, even after processing, retain their original organoleptic and nutritional characteristics and that is why we do not need to add artificial colors and preservatives in any way. whether it be.

Composition: Extruded corn, greaves flour, pork flour, animal fat (lard), corn gluten, carob, dicalcium phosphate, sodium chloride, gluten corn flour, magnesium carbonate, mineral complex.

Analytical components: Moisture 7% - Crude protein 28% - Crude fat 22% - Crude fiber 4% - Crude ash 9% - Calcium 2.5% - Phosphorus 1%.


Nutritional additives: Vitamins, pro-vitamins and chemically well-defined substances having a similar effect.

3a672a Vitamin A 10,000 IU 3a671 Vitamin D3 1,000 IU 3a700 Vitamin E (all - rac-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 100 mg - 3a711 Vitamin K3 2.25 mg - 3a821 Vitamin B1 2.13 mg - 3a831 Vitamin B6/pyridoxine hydrochloride 2.37 mg - Vitamin B12 0.03 mg - 3a315 Niacinamide 37.38 mg - 3a841 Calcium-D-pantothenate 9.72 mg - 3a880 Biotin 0.18 mg - 3a316 Folic acid 0.96 mg - 3a300 Vitamin C (acid L-ascorbic) 17.82 mg

Compounds of trace elements: Iron (as 3b101 - 186.93 mg/kg) 90 mg/kg - Manganese (as 3b502 - 49.86 mg/kg) 39 mg/kg - Copper (as 3b405 - 12 mg/kg ) 3 mg/kg - Zinc ( as 3b603 - 148.92 mg/kg ) 120 mg/kg - Iodine ( as 3b201 - 1.02 mg/kg ) 0.78 mg/kg - Selenium ( as 3b801 0.33 mg /kg ) 0.16mg/kg

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