Royal Canin Breed Chihuahua Mousse 85 g

The Chihuahua - the smallest of all dogs - has a petite stature, an attentive and nimble disposition, and a silky, dense coat. The popular companion dog, which due to its size is very fond of being kept indoors, is not comparable with any other dog. Behind the outward appearance of a docile social animal hides a demanding character that needs a very special food. Royal Canin Breed Chihuahua wet food is suitable for the nutritional needs of adult Chihuahuas from the age of 8 months. The formula of the food, enriched with nutrients, can support intact digestion, beautiful coat and healthy skin, and thanks to its soft texture stimulate the appetite. Royal Canin Breed Chihuahua Mousse at a glance: Wet food for Chihuahua dogs from 8 months of age. Specially adapted to the needs of small breed dogs Supports healthy digestion: a combination of minerals and oils can stimulate digestion Satisfies stimulated appetite: optimally balanced nutrient ratio for small, nimble dogs For healthy skin and beautiful coat: zinc and vitamins can support the skin's barrier function and keep the coat beautiful and supple Higher moisture content: can support urinary health and an ideal weight Dry and wet food can be combined. The dry food contains a high concentration of nutrients, can support dental health and promote positive health outcomes. For more information on the dry food, please visit the following link: Royal Canin Chihuahua Adult Royal Canin Quality Promise All Royal Canin products go through extensive quality control to ensure optimal food quality and meet your dog's individual nutritional needs and lifestyle. This means with Royal Canin Chihuahua Wet you provide your dog with a high quality and balanced diet.

Wet food especially for adult Chihuahua dogs from 8 months, breed-specific, tasty & appetizing recipe, soft texture, with nutrients for healthy skin and beautiful coat.

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