Royal Canin CCN Exigent Mini

When eating, the smell, size and texture of the food is important for your dog. In order for your four-legged friend to eat a balanced meal and not just hope for treats, you need a healthy and nutritious food that is simply irresistible even for picky dogs. Royal Canin CCN Exigent Mini is a dry food specially developed for the special nutritional needs of picky dogs of small breeds up to 10 kg. It is suitable for adult dogs from 10 months of age. Royal Canin CCN Exigent Mini: Complete food for adult small breed dogs (up to 10 kg) from 10 months of age. Adapted to the needs of picky dogs Delicious recipe: specially formulated for dogs that "explore" aroma, kibble size and texture High quality nutrients: for a balanced diet Highest acceptance: crunchy kibble, special kibble size, shape and texture facilitates food intake 99% of dogs prefer this food, scientifically proven on the Royal Canin Campus

For demanding small dogs from 10 months
Available in bag 1kg

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